I always tell my community “I don’t believe in competition”. The thing is, competition is all in the mind. If you believe you’re the same commoditised product as your peers - guess what - so will your audience, and they’ll go with whoever is cheapest.

That’s true if you’re selling a dishwashing liquid perhaps, or a shoe polish. It’s all kind of the same, it’s not very personal, and you can’t expect magically different results between brands.


There’s Room for Everyone

In the world of the information based business, however,  so much of the consumer experience is down to your own personality. Yes, there are 101 health coaches or online marketing mentors or pet behaviour experts out there. But if you dig deeper, you’ll see they’re actually offering wildly different services. One health coach could offer clean eating e-books, while another could focus on emotional eating, and another again on gluten free diets. One could be a warm earth-mother, and another more of a drill sergeant. All of these have their place, and will appeal to different people. 

Think about it - why would a nervous emotional eater want to work with a drill sergeant gluten free cookbook writer? They’d be far better off with a supportive emotional eating coach who had been through emotional eating themselves and knew the problems they would face.


Set Yourself Apart

The way to “beat” the competition (much as I hate that term) is to remove all competition. Make your offer so clear, target your message so precisely, and be so undeniably you in your business that no one else can recreate your brand. Be unique and be you.

This is such a key concept I spend a whole month of my 6-month Become Your Own Boss programme on it. Get clear on your offer. Niche your market to a small group. Bring personality to your branding.



“Authenticity” is a term bandied about in the online entrepreneurship world, and I think it’s so important for corporate women to hear. We’re set to work in these huge corporations which have been run by men for centuries, and the entire structure is built upon alpha male nonsense: office politics and being the loudest ape in the room.  Women have a sticky position having to feign being strong enough, while at the same time balancing their power with just enough “femininity” to not be branded “bossy”, “difficult” or “argumentative”.

However, when you start your business, you build your community from scratch. You set the rules. So if you want to be a pink and sparkly lawyer like Gena Shingle (a guest mentor on Become Your Own Boss) - go for it! If you want to create a million dollar business and have blue hair like Kimra Luna, you can! There’s no one to police what “should” be done, so you can be you and it will bring you all the more clients because of it, because they get you.

So if you could set your own rules, who would you be in your business?



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