There’s one question on everyone’s lips, whether they’ve found their business idea or their still just brand new to the online business world:

“How am I going to market my product?”

The idea of having to sell $X amount of your own products or packages per month just to cover your bills can be really terrifying. You might worry you will never earn as much as you did in the corporate world, or that your income will be inconsistent. But, this financial uncertainty really couldn’t be farther from the truth - if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s the truth: Consistent income comes from consistent marketing.

This is really the key! So, how can you market your services when you’re brand new to business?


Niche problem solving

First of all, you need to focus down to determine your niche. Choose a small group of similar people who you know you can help. If you already lived through their story and come out the other side, then you can solve their problems. For example, if you want to help new moms lose weight, then there’s no point in attracting men, or in getting single women who don’t want to have babies, and no point in getting older ladies who are not going to have babies again. Get really clear on who you want to target and create your marketing around that.

Make sure that you are focusing primarily on attracting those people. There are many different ways we can do that. Your clients have to understand what the value is for them. They have to trust you and understand that you can give them what they need, that investing in your service is worth it for them.


Conceptualise your offer and pricing

After identifying your ideal customer, determine their needs and wants to conceptualise a product that meets those needs. Once you have created your product, price it strategically. For example, let’s say you will need $8,000 a month to replace your current salary. With that $8,000 coming in every single month, you’d be fine.

If you sold your package at $2,000, which is the standard rate for a 12-week coaching session package. (It could be a similar amount of hours of consulting, it could be creating an interior design package, or whatever your skill is.) That’s the kind of length of time that we are talking about with that price range. That would mean you will only need four clients consistently coming in every single month.


Start creating traffic

People need to find you! There’s far more to it than just throwing out a website or creating a Facebook page, and expecting people to come. People need to be led to you. The internet is a massive place. And unless you have a good way out sticking your hand up, people aren’t going to find you.

You can advertise on social media, paid advertising like Google or Facebook, and you can do PR too. You can also try online and offline networking. You can also grow your community and even run a tele summit. There are so many ways to meet potential clients!

My favourite is social media advertising - like Facebook or Instagram. That’s because it’s trackable and can be automated. Whatever you choose to do, be consistent in your marketing. Consistent income comes from consistent marketing!


Understand it’s a journey

Once you’ve attracted your ideal clients, you need to keep their attention. Stay in front of them by connecting via email. Have them follow your social media channels. But most importantly: have a strategy in place to lead them through from first meeting to becoming a buyer. Your clients have to like you - people buy from someone they trust. Develop a relationship with them. They need to get to know, like and trust you. You can develop a relationship with free content like blogs, webinars, and content-rich emails.

It’s best to be really strategic about this and develop a marketing funnel which is really just an automated journey your ideal client goes one once they come into contact with your work.

Marketing is a continuous process - not just a one-time project. What are your proven, fool-proof marketing strategies? Share with us in the comments below.


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