Hands up if you're terrified of selling! Yes, that’s probably most of us… In fact, so many of my readers are afraid of starting a business purely because they don’t want to have to sell anything.

The problem is, sales is often considered as being really icky.



Even scammy.

But that’s not the sales process itself - it’s the way we’re taught to go about it. You’ve maybe even seen it online - you join a group, you comment on a post, then suddenly you’re getting hounded by the writer of the post - they start private messaging you over and over because they want you to join whatever MLM thing they’ve got going on.

It feels like as soon as you’ve made contact, you’re “fair game’. All they can see is dollar signs. They don’t care who you are of if their thing is even relevant to you. What a horrible way to do sales! No wonder we’re all afraid of sales if that’s all we’ve ever been taught.

But there’s a far nicer, and far more effective way to have your audience buy your stuff:


1. it’s a journey

In order to sell your programme, product or offering, you don’t just jump in with a sales offer immediately - it feels icky to the person you are selling to. And like I said, it’s not effective because they don’t know enough about you or your product to be able to make a decision.

Instead, take them on a journey, allowing them to get to know you and your work before you discuss any paid offering.  You take them through a set of steps to introduce them to your business, share what you do and give them a flavour of working with you. The technical online marketing term for this journey is a “funnel”.


2. Give First

In this method, you are generous. You give before you ask for anything. You demonstrate your value rather than shoving your “thing” down your poor audience’s throat.

At Living Rosy, 90% of what I offer is free. I do blog posts each week, free trainings (like this one), I post in my community, I send value packed emails each week - all that is totally free. Then, some people who receive that free stuff choose to actually work with me and pay to receive structured mentoring. That keeps my business profitable and it allows them to get the knowledge and the support to start their businesses more quickly - so we are both happy.

But I wouldn’t get these clients without investing time and resources creating free offers in the first place. I let everyone who comes into contact with Living Rosy get a flavour of what I can help them with. I help them to know, like and trust me before I even mention that I have anything for sale.


3. Remember there are no lack of clients

Not everyone you come across will buy - that’s ok. But when you keep nurturing your audience, eventually, some of these people will choose to invest in your work. Those people will be plenty for you to earn a great income and help them at a deeper level.

If you are following the Living Rosy structure of starting a business, we start premium, with live services for your clients. Think 3 month coaching packages, project based consulting, or monthly accounting services. On average, my clients start off selling a package of services worth around $2,000 per client. To make your $5,000+ per month (or whatever you need to replace your current salary), you’re therefore looking to sell normally 2-4 packages per month.

Remember, there are over 3 billion people online (3,000,000,000!!), and you only need maybe 2-4 clients a month to replace your salary. That’s less than 50 a year. How could you possibly NOT find 50 people who want whatever you have to offer out of 3 BILLION people?!

So be generous. Be patient. There is no lack of ideal clients out there for you. Let them come to you, get to know, like and trust you as you build a genuine relationship with them, and  you’ll end up converting far more of these people into loyal customers than if you jump in too soon with an aggressive, salesy tone.


Are you afraid of sales? What holds you back from either getting going in your business, or selling more of your services? Let me know in the comments!


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