As my clients will tell you, the number one focus on in your business should be staying ‘high vibe’ - that’s how you create consistent success. But what is your ‘vibe’ and how do you keep it high? I’ll share 5 ways to stay high vibe at zero cost in today’s blog...


What is a vibe?

First up, what is a vibe anyway? Your vibe is your vibration - it’s literally your energy. Energy can transmit at high frequency, with lots of power, or at low frequency, where it’s less potent.

As humans made up of atoms, we’re basically all just energy. Now, when you choose to be angry, sad, dismayed, hurt, or frustrated, you will be low vibe. You will literally transmit low energy out into the world.

However, when you are upbeat, happy, abundant, fun, loving and grateful, you will be so full of positive energy, you will literally emit much higher frequency, 'high vibe’ energy.


Why your vibe is important

The universal Law of Attraction states that whatever you emit, you will receive back. So, if you’re focused on sadness, ill health, anger, lack or poverty - you’ll continue to experience this.

But, if you’re focused on how happy, healthy, rich, excited, and loving you are, then you will experience happiness, health, riches, fun and love in your life.

How does this translate to business? Well, if you are focused on being abundant, happy and having fun, then your business will start to pick up. You’ll see payments starting to come through, even without changing your marketing strategy. You’ll attract in partners or mentors who can help you take your business forward. 


So, here are 5 ways to up your vibe at zero cost:


1. Take a bubble bath

Take an indulgent bubble bath, and free your mind from all the chit chat and daily stress. Stay present and focus on how content you are in this moment.


2. Practice daily self care

Every single day, do something to look after your body. Take two minutes to slather on some coconut oil to moisturise your skin; choose to wear underwear you love or do your hair and makeup. When you value yourself, the universe will value you too.


3. Be conscious of how lucky you are

Chances are you are already in the top 1% of wealth globally (i..e. if you earn over US$34,000 per year). Practice daily gratitude for all the conveniences you enjoy - clean food and water, unlimited electricity, a warm bed at night. Be grateful for the little things, and the bigger things will be attracted in.


4. Read from a motivational book

Every single day, I start my day reading a chapter of a motivational book. Reading these books reminds me of my unlimited power to change my life for the better. Try the classics like Think and Grow Rich, or choose a biography of a person you admire. Recently I loved The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane von Furstenberg.


5. Get out in nature

Taking some time outside each day is vital, no matter the weather. Take a walk in your lunch hour, or at least walk to and from the sandwich shop. Make a point of being outside at the weekend - take a day trip to the beach, or a walk in the forest. Even just a couple of laps of your local park will make a difference!


What do you commit to doing this week to up your vibe? Let me know in the comments! 


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