I’m a big reader - I read from an inspirational book every single morning, and I credit my business success to keeping myself consistently high vibe and positive through my daily reading. So today I want to share 5 books that have changed my life and business forever - let’s find out what they are.


1. Think and Grow Rich

Awful name, I agree! Sounds like some kind of dodgy pyramid scheme, but behind that facade lies a gold mine of information. The author, Napoleon Hill, was alive around the beginning of the 20th century, during the American capitalist boom.

He was commissioned by Andrew Carnegie (who incidentally was from the same county as me in Scotland!) to write a book sharing the secrets to wealth and success. Hill spent over twenty years working with huge industrialists like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and J.P. Morgan, who all explained to him what they did to create their huge wealth. 

Their answers were all similar, so Hill distilled this system down to 13 steps. They are all focused on mindset and self confidence, interestingly there is zero requirement for prior wealth to become rich. The book shares how anyone can use the steps to create whatever they desire.

I created Living Rosy and my own financial success following the steps in the book, and I continue to read the book on rotation with a couple of others every single morning.

Get Think and Grow Rich here >> 


2. Get Rich Lucky Bitch

I LOVE Denise Duffield Thomas! She’s one of the few bloggers from whom I read every single post. I find her engaging, relatable and also full of value. Denise helps  women entrepreneurs master the Law of Attraction to help them get better with money. 

In Get Rich Lucky Bitch, she shares how she used the principles of the Law of Attraction to build her business, which now brings in over $1 million of revenue per year. She has loads of great exercises to work on your money story so the book is as practical as it is entertaining. It’s so useful, I set it as required  reading for all Become Your Own Boss participants.

Read Get Rich Lucky Bitch here >>


3. The Big Leap

It was a huge revelation to me that whenever something goes wrong in my life, it’s because on some subconscious level I was afraid of taking the next step to greatness. As entrepreneurs creating our own destiny, wealth and legacy, we are prone to self sabotage because the opportunity is so massive, it scares us! 

In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks explains how we live in a comfort zone, and when we bump up against the walls of this zone, we hit our Upper Limit. Scared of pushing through, we create a distraction - illness, failure, a fight with our spouse - to keep us small and ‘safe’. This one is a must read too!

Read The Big Leap here >>


4. Leveraging the Universe

Mike Dooley shares his story from junior cog-wheel at PwC, to starting his own successful online business, to losing it all, to create an even bigger and better business sharing how to discover your own personal power.

If there is one message you can get from this book, it’s this: Thoughts Become Things. What you think now determines how you will experience your future. The only way to make your life better is to start thinking better thoughts. This is another of the books I read daily on rotation.

Read Leveraging the Universe here >>


5. The Law of Divine Compensation

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate”, Marianne Williamson says, "Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."

In The Law of Divine Compensation, Williamson shares how to tap in to your higher power. We are all part of the Universe, and we can all call on the Universe’s power to guide us. Over time, it’s been called inspiration, divine guidance, a sixth sense - but we can all use this power to find the answers. 

However, we all have an Ego mind that keeps us separate, small, safe. Learning to move past this ego “monkey mind” and return to the knowledge that we are all united and all connected brings us back to Love. When we are in this energy, huge leaps can be made in our businesses and our lives.

Read The Law of Divine Compensation here >>


Interestingly, none of these books are anything to do with business! That’s because business success comes primarily from personal growth. When you get out of your own way, huge shifts can happen.

What books have changed your life? Leave me a comment and let me know! 


Please note: as I am an Amazon Associate, if you purchase something via the links posted I may receive a commission. I only recommend books I have read personally. All of the books above are on the recommended reading list for my Become Your Own Boss programme.


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