Last week, I was in LA to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event - a birthday gift from my husband.

I’ve sort of passively followed Tony Robbins for the last few years. You probably passively follow a lot of people too - you buy the book, but you don’t read it; you subscribe to their Facebook Page but never really check it out. I was the same - though his reputation proceeded him, and plenty of my friends raved about him, I didn’t really know what to expect.

I was blown away! To say it changed my life is a massive, crazy understatement. Every single part of my life - from my dreams to my business to my marriage to my personal sense of self - has been improved completely. I’ve never been through such a transformation before. I can’t believe it was just 4 days long - it felt more like 4 years!

So, here are a few of the a-ha moments I picked up at the event:


Your state is everything

Tony talks a lot about “state”, which is your emotional state, or state of mind. I’ve been struggling a lot recently with energy - no matter how much I slept, or how healthily I ate, I was always feeling sluggish and crappy. I put it down to my coeliac disease and tried to battle through. I was pretty apprehensive about the 50-hour event, but I barely noticed the hours go by. I’d go crazy from 8 AM to 1 AM every day, sleep 6 hours and do it all over again. We barely even stopped to eat! I learned that in fact, I can control my energy just through my mind - I can decide to have energy, and I will.


Raise your standards

I’ve known about this one for a while through all the wealth consciousness work I’ve done, but I got reminded of how important this really is. In the last year, we had a lot of personal things come up which forced us to make decisions about our lifestyle that were pretty out of our control. I’ve dealt with a lot of compromise in the last year, which put a dampener on my ability to create my dreams. I was reminded again how we need to be the ones to decide what we are willing to settle for in life. When you make it non-negotiable to do something (earn a certain amount of money; become an entrepreneur; work a certain amount of hours per day) then the Universe will bend over backward to make it happen - but you have to decide first!


Contribution is important

Contribution has always been a main driver for Living Rosy - I started this business so my clients wouldn’t have to go through the pain and suffering I had in my career before I became an entrepreneur. But UPW reminded me that there is more for me to do. I want to show up even more for my clients and my community - and start to develop my philanthropic side more as well.  I always tell my clients that being generous in their business will come full circle to benefit them down the line. Making sure you give in life is so important.


Associate pain with unwanted behaviour

I found the Dickens process - where you associate incredible pain in the past, present, and future with the behaviour you want to change - so transformational. I discovered where I have been holding back in my life, and re-wired my brain to clear those blocks. This principle is so important: you have control over your own motivation. Unless you associate incredible pain with not changing, you will just muddle through life and never take action.


Proximity is power

This is a favourite saying of Tony Robbins - and with good reason. When you surround yourself with like-minded people who are just a couple of steps ahead of you, you will naturally pick up the pace to catch up with them. It’s hard to challenge yourself to change when you are alone and all your peers don’t understand why you want to change. I’ve found this to be the number one reason women don’t get started with their business ideas. Having a mentor and a community of like-minded entrepreneur women is vital for your success. Proximity is power - just being around impressive people makes you push yourself. That’s why both Mr. Rosy and I have joined Tony’s Mastery University - we want to learn more from him!


So how can this help you? First up, choose to live each day with positivity and energy. Be excited to work on your business all evening - you’re taking yourself one step closer to freedom each day!

Secondly, start visualising how your life will be once you’re free. Make it totally non-negotiable for you start your business and quit your job by X date. If that requires you to learn how to be successful, get yourself enrolled in a business programme like my Freedom Business Academy.

Drop your limiting beliefs about your skills and talents and focus instead on helping others. Get out of your own drama and use your skills for the benefit of the world. Have the guts to dream big, and touch many people through your future business.

Whenever you feel like you want to procrastinate or get into the spin about starting your business, remember that you can control your motivation. Snap out of it by imagining just how awful your life will be in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years if you keep on the same path you’re on now.

Finally, get the support you need! Put yourself in proximity with other new women entrepreneurs, like my Freedom Business Academy alumna community, and get yourself a mentor who’s been there and done it already, as they’ll be able to help you navigate the pitfalls. I started my business alongside my job, and it’s my specialty to help other women like you to start and build your businesses while you’re still working 8 or even 12 hours a day in your corporate job. I know just how hard it is, and that’s why I created my Freedom Business Academy, to teach you exactly how to launch a successful business in just 5-9 hours of work a week. You can do it!

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