I have a HUGE admission to make...

When I first started my business, I thought all this mindset stuff was kinda nonsense.

There, I said it. My logical, mathematical, pragmatic little banker mind was like “If I can’t scientifically understand this stuff, it ain’t worth my time”. It all felt woo-woo, and frankly a little bit weird.

In the first 3 months of my coaching business, I didn’t really do much with my mind even though my coach told me to. What were my results after those 3 months? Other than a £20 book sale here and there - a big fat zero.

It was time to go back to the drawing board. That January, I made a firm commitment to myself to take this mindset stuff seriously. I got my first client in February, 2 more clients in March, 8 in April/May and have continued to grow each and every month from there. This stuff works people!

So, what is a “success mindset” and how do you get one? That is the topic of a rather long book that I may or may nor write one day (there are plenty on the subject which I’ll share in another post!). Meanwhile, here are my blog-sized starter tips for anyone who wants to achieve anything in life (not just Freedom Entrepreneurs..)


Create a daily routine

This is the first thing I tell any of my paid clients. Starting your mornings with a strong routine is key to shifting your thoughts - and therefore your actions - over the course of the day. In a nutshell, if you take the right action, you get the desired results.

- Read books on Wealth Consciousness: (a whole library of reviews to come, but meanwhile start off with Think and Grow Rich and Get Rich Lucky Bitch). 15 minutes is enough to open your mind.

- Journal your thoughts: free-write for a page to see what comes out. Are you tired, worried, feeling low, beating yourself up about something? Spend the next page listing everything you feel grateful for. Get into the tiniest details “I’m happy to have a home”; “I’m happy my train was on time”. This gets you into a more upbeat mood. Finally, take a look at your first page of writing and underline any negative way of thinking which isn’t going to serve you. Rewrite these beliefs in their opposite, positive sense. “I feel so stupid” becomes “I have all the knowledge I need to make X happen"

- Focus on your new beliefs: repeat these new, positive beliefs to yourself over and over throughout the day. Use up any empty time you get - like standing in line at Starbucks or walking to a meeting.


Be disciplined with your thoughts and words

Thoughts become things. What you think (especially subconsciously) becomes a reality for you. If you focus on how many bills you have, you’ll get more. If you worry constantly about your car breaking down, it will die on you just when is most inconvenient.

Make a commitment to only focus on positive things. Continue your gratitude lists in your head throughout the day: “I’m so happy Jim brought me that report early; isn’t it great we have chilled milk in the office kitchen; I’m so grateful my PC is working properly”. 

Live not in the world you’re in right now, but in that place somewhere in the future where you have the life you want. Make it present tense. “I have so much free time”; “I love earning six figures”; “I’m going to Barbados for a month”. This will literally bring this pipe dream closer and closer. Suddenly, one day it will be your actual reality.

As soon as you fully, completely, totally understand that your mind creates your experience of the world - you will choose to focus on the good and start creating what you want and not what you don’t.


Develop a connection deep within yourself

When I first started my business, everyone was meditating and getting their inspiration from a little voice inside them. But I’d never had a voice inside me! What was I gonna do? 

I was treating my business like my banking job, thinking that if I just worked harder and harder, I’d see some results. I had to-do lists all over the place, I was working a 9-5+ “job” in my business and NOT getting paid for it, and I was losing interest in the whole situation.

Then one day, my back was killing me from all the laptop hunching I was doing, and I couldn’t take it any more. I booked a massage. Well, I didn’t book it - I checked my bank account, felt guilty, procrastinated a bit, wondered if that was really a good use of my time, felt guilty again - and then booked it anyway.

Sitting still with my eyes closed and nice spa music playing, I totally disconnected from my monkeymind-drama-spin that usually played on a loop in my head. It felt amazing. I checked my phone as I got dressed, and lo and behold, I had my first email in ages from an interested client!

I realised that day the power of giving yourself space. It’s in that space that you give your inner core a chance to breathe. That voice starts to be heard. Great ideas come to you. It’s called intuition. 

A daily meditation practice - even just 10 minutes - can give you that much-needed space to find clarity and creativity for success.


Quit the self-judgement

When your pipe dream Barbados lifestyle seems totally unattainable, and you’re tired and cranky after a long day at the office and really don’t want to work on your business idea - jump out of the drama. Stop judging, questioning and beating yourself up.

I find myself repeatedly saying to clients YES YOU ARE ENOUGH; YES YOU CAN DO THIS; YES IT WILL ALL WORK OUT. 

Did you know that it’s ridiculous to think that you could never replace your corporate salary working for yourself? I fully realise I probably know more people in the online business world than you but do you see what these people are earning?!!! They wouldn’t get out of bed for £5k per month.

They aren’t geniuses. They just grew their business. It’s all about leveraging your time and getting your product out in front of more people. More people in means (simplistically obviously) more sales. Their income is not a reflection of their intelligence, talent or any "specialness".

Your corporate salary is like 2-4 clients per month. How could you possibly not find these people in an internet of 3 BILLION?!

If you want to make your Freedom Life happen, stop the drama and monkey mind. Stop wasting time asking if it’s going to work and get out there and take some action. Stop continuously wondering if “you’ll make it”, like there’s some big judge somewhere allocating the money randomly in some kind of global lottery.  

There is zero fundamental difference between you and anyone killing it in an online business - they are not smarter, better, younger, older, better looking, plainer, anything-er than you. If you took all the time and energy wasted whining about your job/life/bank balance and instead used it constructively to build a business, you’d be a millionaire by now. Really.


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