What is my #1 secret weapon to my success? 

Hands down, it’s the mentors and programmes I’ve invested in.

Building a business takes far more than just passion, hard work or even business acumen. It’s a huge journey of personal growth. You really have to face  up to challenges, push through your insecurities and go that extra mile inside yourself.

I could not have achieved everything in the last 2 years without the support of mentors past and present. To date, I’ve worked with 2 private coaches, had an intensive, been in a small group programme, a large group programme and had a mastermind partner - and worked through various info products. I’ve also just signed up to a mastermind for 2016.

However, there is an art form to getting the right support at the right time. How do you choose the right coach or programme?


Choose the right form of support for where you are at

There are many programmes and coaches out there. Focus first of all on the type of support you require.

  • Info product: No live time with the coach/teacher. Great to learn specific skills, e.g. Instagram advertising. Not recommended for people just starting out: your mindset will be your biggest holdup, but live time with a coach will help you work through that.
  • Group Programme: This is a great medium ground between price and getting some live attention. If you are new, be careful how large the programme is - some are hundreds or thousands of participants and it’s easy to get lost. My group programmes are capped at 30 participants so I can laser in on their issues and get to know everyone really well.
  • Mastermind: This is more of a peer-to-peer support network. Great for strategising and quick, pick-me-up motivation. For a newbie, it’s better to join a programme with a teaching element to it.
  • Private Coach: This is the most intense level. With a private coach, all the focus is on you and so you will grow much faster. You’ll get the space to really dig into any mindset blocks and properly work on your business. It’s the most expensive option but should therefore get you the biggest results.
  • Private Intensives: This is a one-off, full day of coaching. It’s great for banging out a strategy or getting clarity on one aspect of your business - branding, for instance. For a total newbie entrepreneur, I’d suggest you take private coaching as you’ll want the consistency of support over time.


Find someone who will challenge you to up-level

This is huge! My biggest shifts came when I switched coaches to someone who was really gunning for my greatness. Over the course of a year working with her, she pushed me beyond my boundaries, got me to places I didn’t know were possible so soon in my business and generally made me realise how totally uncapped my potential can be.

Choose a coach like that, someone who will not keep you small but will force you to grow.


Choose someone who has done what you want to do

This one may seem obvious - you don’t work with someone who’s opened restaurants if you want to start an commerce store online. Make sure the person you choose has experience of growing the kind of business you wish to grow. For example, I only mentor women who want to launch an online, service based, premium business. No restaurants, e-commerce sites or viral blogs.


Choose someone who has grown their business in the way you want to grow yours

This is often overlooked. I have a history of burnout and exhaustion. I knew fine well how to make good money working hard when I was in an investment bank. I have zero interest in creating more 70 hour work weeks for myself now I am an entrepreneur. 

Many online entrepreneurs are hugely successful, but their entire life revolves around the business. They don’t sleep, their relationships suffer, they never take a holiday. I am careful who I choose to work wit because I desire success on my own terms. Choose someone who has a lifestyle you admire, as well as the business success you want to achieve.


Get an objective pair of eyes

Why do successful business owners have coaches and mentors? They obviously know how to run a business, right?

If you check out almost all CEOs, they all have executive coaches. It’s because the mental space you receive in a powerful coaching session allows you to make connections you didn’t make before, see the potential of ideas and strategise on inspired thoughts. Coaches are also an objective pair of eyes who can look over your business practices and strategies and spot the missing pieces you are too close up to notice.


Help you get out of own way

Everyone has mental blocks. Everyone has fears. Everyone takes themselves out of the game in one way or another. Whether it’s thinking small, not doing important tasks due to a fear, having low confidence, or anything else, we all create problems that hold us back.

Good coaches call you on your excuses and your barriers, and help you to overcome them. It’s so important to have someone who notices when you slip up or fall back into negative patterns. No matter how 'personally developed' we are, at each stage of growth blocks and fears will emerge - from making your first sales call to hitting 7 figures in your business.


Don’t think you can do it alone

People often ask me “Why do I need a coach anyway?” Honestly, it’s a no-brainer answer. 

If you are moving from any other career to the world of internet marketing, you’re basically moving industries entirely. It’s as if you were a lawyer and decided one day to be a brain surgeon - before you got to cutting people up you’d expect a little training!

Why on earth do people think they can just “start a business” and it will all just work? You have to know what to do to market your services, build a brand an reputation, and have proper sales conversations with clients. That’s why you really need the support of someone who’s done it before and knows how to get you results as soon as possible.



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