Unless you’ve started a business, you won’t really understand what that means. Running a business stretches you in every way imaginable. You face fears you didn’t know you had; you take on roles you didn’t know you could do. You learn things about yourself you would never learn otherwise.

Being successful in business requires far more than just doing a job well. You are creating something from nothing, so it makes sense that it’s success depends on what’s gong on in your head. Until you truly believe you can make it work, you’ll never find success.

That’s why I incorporate so much personal development and mindset mastery into my coaching. While you need a decent business model and some understanding of proper marketing, others with far less sophisticated structures and much worse branding will fly past you earning 6 and 7 figures while you are still figuring out how to pay your rent.

Why? Because they are totally unlimited in their thinking.


Ah, the question that crosses everyone’s mind at the start (and often at the next few hurdles too). The answer is YES. Yes you can! You can do anything you want if you’ll just get out of your own way and stop the excuses already! :)

Tough words, but true. (Don’t worry, I usually sugar-coat it a little more to my clients!)

When you stop asking IF and start asking HOW instead, that’s when your brain starts working at its full capacity and you can actually start going places.

If you’re looking to replace your corporate salary doing what you love, I’ll be honest with you - it’s not reinventing the wheel. There are plenty of others (me included!) who have done it and far surpassed those goals.

Even if you want to earn 7 or even 8 figures a year (that’s £1 million - £10 million) doing it, there are plenty of role models out there who are doing just that.

There is no reason why these people are more special than you. When you get that, you start to fly.


The people out there rocking it in their business are awesome to follow - because they show you its possible for you too. Jealousy gets us nowhere, it’s a destructive emotion to indulge in. Instead, be inspired by the people out there doing super well.

That being said, a little comparison is natural. But don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. If they’re earning £100k in 10 minutes, great! But they’ve been at this longer than you. They had their moments of fear, loneliness and zero income as well. It’s a step we all take on the way to success.

Don’t forget also that what we see on social media is the shiny veneer of success. We all know our friends only post their awesome holiday snaps and their most fun parties; they don’t post about 3pm on a Tuesday when they are bored out of their brains sweating in an office cubicle. We take their Instagram lives with a pinch of salt.

It’s the same with successful entrepreneurs. I’m sure people have made £100k in 10 minutes, but that was likely due to prepping a launch for the last 3 months, and building a brand for months before. While it’s true, it’s not the full story, so don’t allow yourself to compete with it.


Of course no one enjoys the first stages of entrepreneurship, when you post your amazing offer and get zero response, or your business earns no income whatsoever for 4 months in a row.

Just as it’s not fun to clean up puke and stinky nappies, wake up 5 times in the night to feed and take 3 hours to leave the house - we still love and cherish the ‘baby stage’ of having children.

Cherish your business’s baby steps too.

Just because you don’t get immediate feedback doesn’t mean the world isn’t noticing you. Every step you take, every email you write, every networking event you attend - it’s all building up to something more.

Growth comes quicker than you think. It sneaks up on you - you think nothing is happening and suddenly BOOM - there’s an influx of clients and you’re suddenly really busy.


I really fought this one in the beginning. I wanted to be the best - and I wanted it now! (I was learning the lesson of comparison at the time…) :)

There is no one path to follow, no perfect formula that will take you exactly X amount of time to arrive at your destination. You can grow as quickly as you want - it’s all about how quickly you get out of your own way and allow yourself to succeed.

Focus on the first client, the first £5k month, the first £10k month, the first 6 figures etc.

It doesn’t have to be a steady up level - you can jump from one level up to a higher one if you desire. My first coaching packages were £500, and I felt pressured to put them on sale for £300 to get my first client!! They are now £5,000, soon to rise again. I jumped from £6,000 per month straight to £15,000. I’ve also plateaued for a few months at the same income level along the way. It’s all good.

Stretch yourself and challenge yourself. But don’t feel pressured to reach certain goals in certain timeframes. In 10 years time when you have a £10 million a year business, you really won’t care whether it took you 3 months or 9 months to reach your first £5k.

The beauty of your own business is that you get to create your own reality. I know people who have earned $500,000 in 6 months, and people who didn’t even get their first client in that time. It’s all about what you desire and how much inner work you are prepared to do to allow yourself to succeed.

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