You know the saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”? I really couldn’t stand those cliched words back when I was stuck in my finance job, desperate to escape.

“That’s all very well, but how does following my heart pay my extortionate London rent?!!” I used to mutter to myself.

In hindsight, I can now see how that makes sense. I could never have conceived of Living Rosy in its current form, nor did I ever expect to be the person to help women start businesses - after all, entrepreneurship was so far from anything I knew back then.

I’ll let you in to a secret to success:

Take your mind off the money just for a moment and instead, focus on being great.

Here’s why:

Forget the Ego struggle for money

Yessssss I know, we all have rent to pay. I do too! My rent is now 50% more than the rent I paid in the corporate world, but I still manage to pay it every month.

Staying focused on money is staying focused on lack. We’re tricked into thinking that a stable corporate income can never be replicated, that we’d be crazy to leave. I get clients coming to me all the time, saying “I earn £50,000 a year, how can I be guaranteed to earn this in my business?

That totally misses the point. I know people a year into their business who are making £50,000 a month. Having your own business means your income is totally unlimited. The first £5,000 you make in your business will be the hardest ever, and it’ll likely take you a good few months. BUT - take the right action consistently and that £5,000 will happen again, and again. Soon it will be £10,000, and so on.

My signature programme Become Your Own Boss teaches you exactly how to make £5,000-£10,000 a month in your business.

Take one step at a time

When you do follow your heart, it’s not often apparent where you are headed. Seemingly irrelevant events suddenly piece together in hindsight. You can finally see the method in the apparent madness.

When I lost my job and burned out, I was forced to give up on job applications and business ideas for a few months. I could only focus on healing my body. For my type-A, alpha, action-focused personality, that was nearly impossible. It felt like such a failure and a waste of time.

But focusing so intently on nutrition led me to develop a passion for that topic, which led me to start a health blog, become a health coach, and ultimately learn how to run a successful business - which brings me to my own calling today helping women become Freedom Entrepreneurs.

Back in my finance job, spinning around looking for the perfect escape plan, with guaranteed income and all the rest of it, I’d have dismissed being a nutritionist because I’d only ever heard of them in the context of public health - too low a salary for me. I also “couldn’t afford” to study for 5-6 years to become a master nutritionist.

I’m now living my ideal lifestyle, but the only way for me to get here was to take baby step after baby step until they started to make sense.

I love this speech by Steve Jobs on his own path to greatness - he explains it perfectly.

“It was impossible to connect the dots looking forward when I was in college, but it was very very clear looking backwards, 10 years later”...

Focus on being great

Rather than spinning around in a circle of lack, think bigger. Open your heart and ask yourself:

“What do I want to be remembered for?"

Have a big dream to change the world in the way that most suits you. Change it one client, one person at a time, and focus on your bigger goals.

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t in it for the money. Oprah and Tony Robbins might be billionaires, but their services are all based on helping others to become better humans. Richard Branson may live the life of riley on his own private island, but all of his brands have shaken up their industries, leading to a better customer experience. Richard himself is now rich enough that he can divert his attention to global issues, rather than working just to pay his rent.

If you insist on being the best you can be, money will come by default. See a bigger picture for yourself - something more than where the funds for your next bill are going to come from.

This isn’t about intelligence

Being successful is not about being smart. This works both ways - if you have the belief that you aren’t smart enough to be an entrepreneur, rest assured that most successful people were “failures” in the traditional sense - bad grades, no degree, etc. You become successful by reframing your mindset and developing a success mentality.

Similarly, just because you passed a few tests in school or had an intellectually challenging corporate job does not mean you get a free pass to entrepreneurial success. Until you sort out your mindset blocks and develop an authentic brand, you won’t see financial success in your business. Your intelligence alone will not help you.

Don’t be cookie cutter

It’s always tempting to see one version of success and try to copy cat. If it worked for her it should work for you, right?

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. There is no magic pill. I wish!

I’ve had a few experiences of people trying to copy my work. Someone even wanted to copy my business name! Here’s the thing - their story, look, and purpose was totally out of context with my business (understandably, since it wasn’t their own idea). It seemed disjointed and it wouldn’t have worked. I let them know this with love and guided them to a more authentic idea. Now they’re doing really well with their own message.

Instead of copying, look deep inside yourself and find out what makes you tick. Develop a business and brand that are totally authentic to you. You have a fascinating story that deserves to be told. Don’t rehash someone else’s ideas.

My home study programme Find Your Freedom Business Idea helps you piece together the patchwork of your own history to develop a winning business idea. It’s a great way to speed up those baby steps and get to where you desire to be more quickly.


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