Running a Freedom Business should mean you are free to lounge around all day, right?

That is almost true - with a Freedom Business you can set up your day however works best for you. Ironically, we often revert to corporate over-work by default - it’s so inbuilt into our mindset. It’s a recipe for disaster. After all, burnout helps no one.

You are your business’s more important asset. Particularly when you’re an solopreneur, you are the central cog in your business’ machine. Without you, everything goes haywire. You must look after yourself if you want to become a success.

Here are the self care lessons I learned this year...

Stick to a schedule

Working away in your business, more than likely from home, there are no limits. You don’t have colleagues who head home at 5pm, and your support system (particularly if you are in a mastermind) will likely be all over the world.

It’s important that you set the boundaries during which you’ll work and not work. You get to choose your schedule - you can work just mornings, 3 full days, or even have set blocks of working time that you can move in your schedule as inspiration strikes you.

Make sure you create a schedule that works for you, and stick to it. You can switch it up to see what works best, but ensure that you have it laid out. Otherwise your work will start encroaching on your free time, and your business will become more of a job.

Set Boundaries

My clients’ mostly want to start a Freedom Business to find a higher purpose in their careers - they really want to help others. It’s the main reason I started Living Rosy too. However, don’t let your service to others become slavery.

Set boundaries as to when and how you are available to others. Check email at set times. Schedule in social media time. Design your calendar so calls can only be taken when you decide it works for you.

Create rules and people will be happy to stick to them. Shut your laptop and lock your phone when work time is over so you don’t end up glued to your instagram at dinner or replying to clients through the night. That sounds far too much like my old banking job!

Prioritise your own care

Self care is too often viewed as a luxury in our always-on society. When was the last time you went for a massage, or even took a bubble bath?!

When you reframe your attitude to self care, you’ll banish burnout forever. Massages are not a luxury for me, they are an integral part of my week - as important as writing my newsletter or scheduling a client call.

Why? I don’t work crazy hours, but I do sit at my laptop for a few hours each day. Even with ergonomic everything, my back can start to hurt. Getting a massage refreshes my physical body, when in turn re-energises my mind, giving me more inspiration.

Massages are also indulgent enough to feel like I’m spoiling myself. Even though they aren’t massively expensive (especially at a local salon), they raise my vibe and make me feel really supported. It’s a running joke amongst my peers that every time I go for a massage, I get a client, (it’s actually true)! It’s because my luxurious weekly ritual sends the signal that I am living an abundant lifestyle, and therefore more abundance comes my way.

No more busy

At the end of the day, you quit your job and start your Freedom Business to create your own ideal lifestyle. So live it!

Get clear on what you really desire, and go after it. You can spend a day each week in an art gallery. You can travel one week out of each month.

Overworking for the sake of it isn’t going to help you. We live in a society that prizes “busy” and “tired” - two words I can’t stand. If you are busy and tired in your Freedom Business, you’re doing it wrong.

Do what needs done to grow your business to where you want to be - just don’t fill up your time and waste your energy with busyness. Busyness leads to tiredness. It reduces your inspiration and your vibe, which is very bad for business!

If you aren’t sure of the highest priority tasks when you build your business, consider investing in a mentor to fast track your profitability while ensuring you aren’t wasting time on the wrong activities. If it gets you to your £10k months 6 months quicker than you can do it alone, you’ll have made £60,000 from that investment!

Get support

Yes there is always some build work at the beginning of any business. Unfortunately you can’t just lounge all day and expect money to flow at the click of your fingers - but, even if you worked 30 hours a week for a few months it would be enough to get your business to a sustainable £5,000-£10,000 a month.

From there, you can delegate out the least urgent tasks and reduce your own workload. At £10,000 per month, working 100 hours per month, your time is worth £100 per hour. If you can find somebody to run your calendar, sort out your website or clean your home for less than that, then outsourcing these tasks makes a whole lot of sense. Which parts of your life would you outsource?

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of ‘corporatising’ your Freedom Business - I did it at first, running around, filling my days with stuff from 9-5, just because I felt I should. After a couple of months, I was tired, grumpy and bored - and I hadn’t made money in my business! When I shifted my perspective and started prioritising my own care, everything shifted.

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