When I think back to when I first starting my business, I’ll be totally honest: I was a mess.

My mood was up and down, I was either procrastinating and wasting time, or throwing myself into massive, panicked action which didn’t get me any further than procrastination.

Taking action both before and after you’ve started your business is key. But it also has to be the right kind of action. Let me explain...


Before you start your business...

We’ve all been there - sitting bored in our 9-5 office job, desperately seeking some magical way we can travel the world without giving up our pay check (I found that magical way, just FYI).

We day dream of escape, scrolling through our Facebook news feeds and scouring LinkedIn for entrepreneurship articles.

It’s our dream - and that’s exactly the problem. Until you take that leap of faith from “oh that would be nice one day” to “this is happening nowI” nothing will ever happen.

I repeat - until you take action on your dream, nothing will ever happen.

The MOST important step you will ever take in getting out of your job and starting your dream business, is that first step.

Take. The. Action.


I’ve created a step by step plan for aspiring entrepreneurs to make it happen at the end of this blog post - read on ’til you get there!


When you’re side hustling...

So you’ve jumped into action and actually started working on your escape plan - that’s amazing!

You’re already ahead of 90% of the population. The rest are all still stuck in dreamland.

So you have a business idea and you need to make it start earning money before you can give up the 9-5. That’s ok, it just means you need to be very fierce with your time now. You’ve got early mornings, evenings and weekends. Use them wisely. 

If you can dedicate 10 hours a week to your side hustle, it will start going places. But you need to take consistent action. No binge watching Scandal when you’ve scheduled business work. No sloping off for cocktails when you promised yourself you’d work on your website.

If you are serious about escaping the corporate world, you have to allow for a little less social time for a few months of your life. 

Be disciplined.


When you’re finally up and running in the business...

Woohoo! You’ve quit your job and now you’re living this life of freedom!!!

But wait - you still need to make sure you get paid at the end of the month.

Entrepreneurs can live exceptionally fun and relaxed lives compared to corporate employees - but they have to do a certain amount of work.

I know it’s really fun to have a boozy lunch or spend the afternoon in the park just because you can - but relatively soon, you’ll need to have some kind of schedule in place. 

Whether that means you just work mornings, or you take a full day off on a Friday (or a Monday!) - success comes when you schedule your work activities.

Keep your action taking consistent.


Here are some of the first action steps you should take as an aspiring entrepreneur:

1) Get excited.

Discover what you really love (travel, cooking, fashion, cars, knitting) - and get super clear on how much of you want this in your life. Dig into how you want to live, what you want to earn, see, do and enjoy.

2) Get inspired.

No one can start a business without a solid idea. Check out my Find Your Freedom Business Idea if you want help creating a strong business and profitable business model.

3) Get motivated.

Set out a schedule as to when you will work on the day job, work on the business, sleep, eat and have a life too!

4) Get support. 

Investing in a mentoring or coaching programme is the best way to push your business forward and avoid the pitfalls a newbie will fall into.


I work with aspiring Freedom Entrepreneurs to help create online businesses that will allow them the time and income to live a full, free life and work from anywhere.


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