About Rosie Paterson

I am an ex-investment banker - about two years into my career, the fourteen hour days and permanent stress broke me.

Having always been a compassionate and ambitious young person, I realised I was that not only was I giving my life to a career that did not fulfil me; my considerable efforts were not even making a difference to the world.

I was desperate to fulfil my wanderlust and travel, to feel inspired and to build a legacy. I wanted my life to mean something.

Seemingly trapped in a job I hated, I battled physical burnout and eventually developed a chronic stress-induced illness. Luckily, I came out the other side with a truckload of life experience and a passion for healthy living. 

I transformed my passion into an income generating business as a wellness coach for stressed corporate women. As I found success in my business, my health clients all began coming to me for advice in transitioning out of the corporate world.

I realised my purpose in coaching them went deeper than simply managing their career-related stress; instead, I could cure it.

In building a Freedom Business, my clients would be able to replace their corporate salaries (at least) and create financial freedom. They could choose their own hours and prioritise their health and leisure time. They would no longer be tied down to a desk but would be free to travel at will.

Realising how many people would also love to create their own ideal lifestyles, I officially changed the direction of my coaching from health and wellness to Freedom Entrepreneurship in early 2015.

I worked with private clients and then launched Become Your Own Boss as a signature programme in October 2015. I’m incredibly passionate about bringing this lifestyle we all enjoy to the wider public, which is why I'm asking for your support now.


I’ve made it my mission to bring freedom entrepreneurship to 1 million women over the course of my career.


This cause is very dear to my heart and your support would mean a huge amount to me.