Hey ambitious lady,

I get you.

You work crazy hours and make important decisions all day long. By the time you get to crash into bed in the evening it’s all you can muster to remember to brush your teeth (as long as your Blackberry isn’t blinking, that is), let alone consider whether you are living life to the full.

Yes, you’re not going to starve any time soon, but making life-changing decisions can be tough nonetheless.

Luckily you’re so busy that you don’t often get the time to consider whether you actually enjoy your life, but sometimes, when you’re unaware, the realisation hits you like a ton of bricks.

"Wow, I’m so tired…"

"I can’t remember the last time I felt actively happy…"

"Really? Is this my lifE…?"

It’s funny how you pushed and strived and made it to the pinnacle of your career - the top graduate programme, the promotions, the expensive work shoes and smart shift dresses.

But once you got there, it wasn’t as great as you thought. It wasn’t great at all actually. In fact, it’s pretty empty.

That's where I come in...

I’ve been there, working 14-16 hour days in a multinational investment bank, watching my weight creep up and my sanity slowly crumble. I pushed myself so hard I developed a chronic auto-immune disease from the stress of being stuck in a job I hated.

Don’t be like me. Don’t wait until you’re at the brink before taking action.

I finally bit the bullet and left the gilded cage of a career that had broken me to heal myself naturally.

I was determined to create a lifestyle I loved without compromising on income. After all, traveling the world and making every second count costs money!

I’d stumbled upon Freedom Entrepreneurship - a new way of working and living that puts lifestyle

First, a business that’s based around the life you want to have, not the other way around. I built a successful health brand while enjoying myself to the full, traveling frequently and working from my beautiful home office in London or a local cafe.

Although I was health coaching, as my business grew all my clients - bored, burning-out professional women just like you - wanted to know the key to my success in creating a highly profitable business while living the dream.

I had binge-read books on entrepreneurship and online business for years as I commuted in and out of work every day- the dream of escaping the drudgery of office life had kept me sane while I worked out how on earth to leave.

My time in the business world and my life coaching qualification had taught me that mindset is 80% of success, with specific business knowledge making up the rest.

I became the support to my clients I wished I could find when I was struggling to find a career and a lifestyle I loved.

Now, I help clients to design their own ideal lifestyles by creating Freedom Businesses. I do this through my different coaching programmes: