You are so much more than that suit.

Somewhere down there is that fun-loving, vivacious, passionate globetrotter who was all set to change the world.

You’ve been stuck in your corporate straitjacket so long you’ve lost sight of who you actually are.

You wake up with that dull sense of dread, wondering how you can possibly make it through another day of pointless meetings and obsessive bosses. You look at them and think,

“wow, if I’m going to be you in 5 years, shoot me now”.

You’ve looked at other opportunities. Dark winter Monday mornings are usually the worst. You sneakily check out the price of one way flights to Ecuador while typing up the notes for your team’s Exciting New Project that’s just as dull as all the others.

Ecuador might look tempting, but you know deep down that quitting your job is a really stupid idea. While backpacking with 3 spare t-shirts and a single pair of flip flops sounds tempting, you know that it’s only a temporary escape.

If you’re honest with yourself, you want a ‘normal life’ too.

The comfortable home. The nice clothes. Exotic holidays. Time to hang out with your boyfriend. Time to play with your kids.